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 We are pleased to present the official poster of the Ulaanbaatar International Film Festival.


This year, the Festival coincides with the first adoption of the Film Industry Support Act, as we believe it opens a new page in the development of the national film industry. This moment cannot be imagined without talented artists who have created more than 80 years of history of Mongolian cinematography and immortalized their work on screen.

Therefore, every year, we decided to leave a clear mark in the history of Mongolian cinematography, pay tribute to the best works that touched our hearts, and choose the image of the Festival. We are glad to convey the spirit of the Festival this year with the feature film “People’s Envoy”, filmed in 1959 by the famous director D. Jigjid, a representative of the golden age of Mongolian cinematography.  The reasons for choosing this feature are:

We assume that “People’s Envoy”s story about turbulent times in Mongolian society at the beginning of the 20th century becomes a reason to bring the past, present and future in one clear line and reflect on the incomprehensible, unstable and complex changes that are taking place today.

We strongly believe that talent is the soul of filmmaking. The film “People’s Envoy” was selected at the Moscow International Film Festival in 1959, and the actress P.Tsevelsuren, who played the main character Ariunaa, received the award for Best Actress. We are confident that the history will soon repeat itself.

People’s Envoy (1959) was the first full-length film directed by D.Jigjid at the age of 40. Before that, he worked as a cinematographer in “Tsogt Taij” (1945) and “Serelt” (1957). He made 16 full-length films, including “Ulaanbaatart baigaa minii aav” (1962),”Tumnii neg” (1962),   “Khunii mor” (1965), “Uyer” (1966), “Ogloo” (1968), “Khurgen Khuu” (1970), “Temtsel” (1971), “Khodoogiin bayasgalan”(1974), and “Onor bul” (1980). We hope the new Film Industry Support Act allows opportunities for film makers to create time enduring artistic excellence

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